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Sabia que por cada 1€ investido na nossa ação de combate à Solidão e ao Isolamento, há um retorno social de cerca de 4€?
O Que Fazemos | AMPMV

The Project Mais Proximidade, Melhor Vida (MPMV) was born in 2010, aiming to fight the isolation and loneliness felt by much of the elderly population resident in downtown Lisbon and Mouraria, particularly in the geographic area of São Nicolau’s Parish. Several factors contribute to the isolation and loneliness experienced by the overall of the elderly resident population.

  • The localization of their homes in the 4th, 5th or 6th floor, in old buildings, without elevator or overall living conditions;
  • The limited mobility as a result of ageing, hindering their integration in the social life and their integration in this residential area of the city of Lisbon;

AMPMV acts, therefore, in order to promote better life conditions to these elderly people, aiming to increase their life quality.

AMPMV was created by Centro Social Paroquial de São Nicolau (Parish Social Center of São Nicolau), being today an independent Non-Profit Organization.

It is operationalized by a team of health and social work professionals who labor under the management of the Board, Fiscal and Advisory Council. During its development, AMPMV also gathered a team of professionals from several professional areas who voluntarily share their know-how and advice on strategic issues.

The AMPMV also count with partners and a team of 40 volunteers which support about 120 elderly people from Santa Maria Maior parish, mostly from feminine gender, with an 83 years old average and several autonomy degrees.

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