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Missão e Valores | AMPMV

AMPMV‘s objectives are follwed by several activities, as described below.

Simultaneously, AMPMV promotes the physical activity of the elder to increase their physical mobility.
The Project also aims to inform the elderly people clearly and suitably. The activities proposed to accomplish this objective are the following:

  • Home visits / Phone calls: this activity occurs in the elder home and is guided by the technical team and the volunteers. Its objective is to make company while providing a space for listening, evaluating and addressing the difficulties felt by the elders we support and the stimulation of activities, realted to interests of the elder, such as paiting, reading or other cultural and joyful activities.
  • Discussion group: The Group led by the technical team, through group dynamics, sharing of memories and life experience, games and screening of films.At the end of each year´s Group, these memories are organized and edited in a themed magazine. The main objective of this activity is to value the participants life experience and improve their social life.
  • Celebration of important dates (birthdays, anniversaries).
  • Cultural walks: this activity is conducted by the technical team or by volunteers and aims to stimulate the elder participation on the community and also his physical mobility. These walks may include going to the theater or to the movies, a walk on a garden, and the like.
  • Regular phone contacts: conducted by the technical team and by volunteers.

To promote the health and well-being of the elder and make early diagnoses, through daily monitoring and physical rehabilitation. The activities proposed to accomplish this objective are the following:

  • Measurement of glycemia and blood pressure and monitoring at the elder’s home: activity coordinated by the technical team and performed by the team and volunteers.
  • Medical appointments at home or the local medical centre.
  • Acquisition/ offering of medicines/drugs: this activity is performed by the technical; also, in association with another organization, there is a medicine bank available for those elders with greater financial difficulties.
  • Appointments and escort to medical appointments and other medical attendances.
  • Physiotherapy at home: activity performed by physiotherapists volunteers for elders with greater mobility difficulties.

To increase the quality of the elder´s living conditions. The activities proposed to accomplish this objective are the following:

  • Partnership with supermarkets that do home deliveries: this activity is intended to capitalize on existing resources in the community, such as the local grocery stores, that deliver the purchased products at the elders’ home for free.
  • House Cleaning: this activity is designed to help the elders with greater mobility difficulties and is performed by volunteers.
  • Repairments and Construction work: this activity is performed by volunteers, after identification of the elder´s in need.

To increase the quality of the intervention through the promotion of the competences of the volunteer. Before he or she begins his intervention, the volunteer attends an initial training, and then is regularly advised by the technical team.

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